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Other Specialized Equipment

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Giraffe Penning Systems


  • For handling Giraffe of all sizes

  • Suitable for multi-species exhibits

  • Made of galvanized or painted high strength steel tubing

  • Penning can be made of special plastic sheeting for easy cleaning, or 2”x2” mesh

  • 4’ wide keeper doors & penning

  • Custom units to fit your needs

  • Optional quiet cable operated sliding roller doors for ease of moving Giraffe

  • Optional hydraulic control system

  • Integrated handling systems with giraffe TAMER

  • Pre-hung slide doors that require no floor tracking

  • Panels are 10' tall which includes 4' of solid wood or plastic , 4' of mesh and 2' of horizontal bars.

Giraffe Penning systems can be  fully customized to meet individual needs.


Let the Fauna Research design team help you design and plan your barn layout. 

Giraffe Puzzle feeders

The puzzle feeder keeps giraffe active and engaged while highlighting their natural adaptation for browsing. The clear Plexiglas back allows guest to watch giraffe use their tongue to search or food. 

Mounting Options include:

  • Direct Rail Mount

  • Adjustable height mounting system with hand crank

Giraffe Puzzle Feeders

Adjustable Height Feeders

Adjustable Height Feeders


  • Easy height-adjustable feeders for feeding giraffe at comfortable, high levels

  • Pulley system, with winch, to raise and lower feeder 

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Hoofstock Management System

Hoofstock Management



  • Specially designed equipment for your needs

  • Permanent & temporary penning

  • Temporary quarantine stations

  • Modular system is completely interchangeable

  • 8’ or 10’ height

  • Constructed out of 1 1/2” square high-strength steel.

  • Wood, plastic or mesh paneling available.

  • Can be custom built to order

  • Systems can be designed for multiple species exhibits

  • Alley Push Board available.

  • Complete with manual or cable operated door systems to fit  your needs

  • Can be set up directly on ground or floors

  • Free standing design, no post required

  • Heavy duty 4” roller system on sliders

  • Connectors allow for setup on uneven ground

  • Scales available to suit your needs

  • Easy set up

  • Penning system can be integrated into TAMER Jr., TAMER or hydraulic TAMER handling systems

Hoofstock Management Systems can be  fully customized to meet individual needs.


Let the Fauna Research design team help you plan and design your barn layout. 

Elephant Tamer Options

Elephant TAMER Options

Elephant proof manual auto locking deadbolt latch

Manual, Elephant proof, Auto locking deadbolt latch

Hydraulic Slide door in the open position

Hydraulic Slide doors

Belly band winches

Belly band winches

Insulated solid plate hydraulic slide doors

Insulated solid plate hydraulic slide doors

Auto Locking Deadbolt Latch

(Elephant Proof)

Automatic, self locking latches can be provided on any access manual swing doors, eliminating the need for most padlocks  

Hydraulic Slide Doors

Prehung  roller doors require no floor track. A steel frame encases the door and the door is hung on a cantilevered track. The track supports the weight of the door and the frame protects the door and roller from horizontal forces. The hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic hose connections are mounted inside the track tube and are completely protected from elephant contact

Belly Bands

Hydraulically controlled belly bands are an optional item that can be mounted on the elephant TAMER for extra support and lift when needed in handling and managing individual animals

Insulated Hydraulic Slide doors

Exterior doors can be weatherproofed for cold weather. Doors can be steel plated and foam insulated with elephant resistant weather stripping. 

High capacity scales that can be built in to barn or retrofitted to current setup  
Retrofitted Scales

Heavy Duty Scales

Full floor scales equipped with heavy duty load bars and electronic digital readouts are built into the elephant TAMER for easily acquired, quick and accurate weight readings. The scales can also be mounted separately in alleyways or stalls


High capacity scales that can be built into barn or retrofitted to current setup  

Hydraulic Contour System

Hydraulic center hinge on the TAMER side panels provide unlimited positioning in order to accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes from sub adults to full grown bulls


High capacity scales that can be built in to barn or retrofitted to current setup  
Retrofitted Scales

High capacity scales that can be built in to barn or retrofitted to current setup  

Elephant training plates

Elephant Training Plates

(Different model choices available)

Working walls and panels are Custom made and designed to provide access doors and training panels for enrichment and health management programs. 

Elephant training plates

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