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Giraffe TAMER

Designers and Builders of the Highest Quality Exotic Animal Handling Equipment

The Giraffe TAMER 


  • 4’ wide catwalks with railing for safety of handler

  • Approximately 7000 lbs, 8’ long x 14’ wide x 18’ high

  • Allows for easy access on both sides of the legs, feet, neck, head and rear of animal through many side access doors

  • A push side panel and belly straps combine with 3” padding help to support and hold the giraffe for safety of both animal and handler

  • A neck yoke to help secure the head of the giraffe

  • Custom units to fit your needs

  • NEW hydraulic controls available

  • Suitable for all sizes of giraffe

  • Smooth, quiet closing front  and rear roller door for easy enter/exit through Giraffe TAMER

  • Standard unit comes with provision for an electronic scale and slip-resistant rubber floor

  • Emergency side exit door


Options Available

  • Scales

Additional Specialized Giraffe Equipment

Fauna Giraffe Penning System
Adjustable Height Feeders
Giraffe Puzzle Feeders
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