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Fauna TAMER Jr. 

Hoofstock Under 250lbs
Designers and Builders of the Highest Quality Exotic Animal Handling Equipment
Fauna TAMER Jr. For Exotic Hoofstock 

The Fauna TAMER Jr. system reduces the need for immobilizing drugs, but still

provides safety for all types of veterinary procedures

Extra Wide for Antlered and Horned Animals


  • Economical drop floor chute handles small hoofstock species such as Antelope or Deer

  • Designed for hoofstock species up to 250 lbs

  • Allows easy access to the animal through the drop sides and split front door for both safety of animal and handler

  • Simple adjustable drop width to allow range in animal sizes

  • Side swings out to give easy exit of animals

  • Approximately 500 lbs, 75” long x 48” wide x 84” high

  • Sides can be made of  special plastic sheeting for easy cleaning

  • Front yoke for head restraining

Options Available

  • Ramp

  • Complete handling facilities available

Keepers and the animal are comfortable and relaxed for a quick stress-free procedure

Additional Specialized Hoofstock  Equipment

Hoofstock Management System
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Request Quote or more information

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