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"TAMER" The most Trusted Name In Animal Restraint

Under Construction
Under Construction

Fauna Research Inc. has been designing and building animal restraint equipment, including the TAMER series of equipment and portable management pens, box traps, and corral traps, since 1984. The TAMER series of equipment will help you manage your exotic herds of hoofstock and help you get the most out of your management and breeding programs while saving you money. The TAMER offers a chemical free system for humanely managing and restraining hoof stock for health maintenance, shipping and testing, while  providing safer working conditions for handlers and keepers. Portable corral traps and box traps are designed for capturing most hoofstock and are especially effective for trapping deer and antelope.

We design the hard to find handling equipment for non-domestic hoofstock. Let us know the animal you are working with and we will work with you to answer all your animal handling needs.

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